Today, I attended Chicago’s student led march to combat climate change. The demonstrators were enthusiastic and vocal, but the turnout was pathetic when compared to other demonstrations throughout the world. To read my take on the march and for my photographs, click on the image or the link.

Hipster Highway

While waiting for the next bus, I noticed that North Milwaukee Avenue was glowing as the late afternoon sun rays hit the weathered brick buildings. It was too tempting. If you are in Chicago, you might one to stop into one of the bars for a drink, or get some chicken and biscuits. If it is a weekday, watch out for the bikers. For more, click on the image. You’ll get my commentary and additional images.


I had the opportunity to photograph from the 44th and 45th floors of Chicago’s Aon Center. From the ground, I managed to finally capture an image worthy of The Aqua Building’s undulating curved balconies. For the full story and more images, click on the image/