All in Street Musician


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Two days in New York, and one 120mm lens.  That was the right lens this past weekend.  Although there were short spells of blue skies, for the most part, the sky was white or middle gray.  None of my landscape shots worked, which I knew would be the case, but when I am there, I gotta try anyway.  Close ups were the order of the day.


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Paris street musicians always have something interesting to say.  This trio was playing straight-ahead gypsy jazz (Irving Berlin's Dancing Cheek to Cheek in the movie Top Hat) as shoppers in the Marais walked and sometimes scooted by.  Lovely.


Saturday morning, New York City, Central Park, Bethesda Fountain, Fall.  The smart looking street musician caught my attention.  Gotta love the scarf, glasses, and exquisite beard.  Performing Cat Steven's Morning Has Broken to nobody, although his collection plate was overflowing with money.  And then this couple arrived, hardly noticing the musician, but they certainly noticed each other.