All in Windows

Parasite or Love?

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Two days after the Apple store moved several blocks south on Michigan Avenue to its new riverfront location, I stopped by the old Apple store to see what remained.  I was greeted by an all-black wall where a sleek glass storefront once welcomed me, with what was for me an intriguing statement stenciled in white: "We would never leave you."

Reflected Riverscape

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Sometimes your best shot is behind you, which was the case today (and maybe everyday in the case of this location).  Standing at the foot of glass tower, I looked up, discovering the reflective qualities of its skin.  The partitioned mirrors serve to compress the six blocks of riverscape to the east.  Even better, the mirrors create wavy distortion.  A great take on the riverscape.


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Several years back, Nutella was the rage on college campuses.  The little single serving packets were replacing salt, sugar, and butter packets in college cafeterias, with administrators being forced to keep a sharp eye on students loading pockets, purses, and backpacks with dozens of those packets filled with delicious chocolate hazelnut goo.

Lake Point Tower

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I went out this afternoon looking for a pair of shoes.  I decided to travel light, so I took my Leica M with the 12mm Voightlander wide angle lenses mounted, with a 28mm and a 90mm lenses in a small bag.  12mm equals insanity.  You either have to be extremely close or the object needs to be very large--although I did find an exception to that rule.  By day's end, I had some nice photographs, but no shoes.


My signature slogan "tomorrow's garage sale today," came to mind when I came upon this window in Chicago's Chinatown.  This particular dealer is on Wentworth Avenue, which is the main drag in this concentrated community.  I hadn't been down to Chinatown in a few years.  The restaurants appear to be multiplying, but there seemed to be a lot of vacant store fronts.