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The Arctic Vortex has arrived as the holiday shopping season shifts into high gear.  Last Friday night, Jane Byrne Park was a little more crowded, but Michigan Avenue was still hopping last night--with an eight second or so exposure, that is hard to tell--lots of ghosts--but folks are walking by with shopping bags full.


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Before attending Jules Masenet's Don Quichotte opera at the Lyric Opera this afternoon, I took my camera over to Belmont Harbor to commemorate the arrival of Chicago's first snow fall of the 2016-2017 winter.  It didn't take the form of flurries.  Instead it came down as wet snow that stuck to the grass, leaves, and bricks, but not the sidewalks or streets.  When I left the opera at 4:30PM, it was still coming down.  It had begun to accumulate on the streets and sidewalks.  Mostly slush.



When I left the house today, I was headed to LaSalle Street, just north of the Chicago River, to get make a photograph of the Board of Trade on the south end of LaSalle.  Much to my dismay, it isn't lit on Sundays, at least when I was in position.  I had to settle for a classic river shot looking east.  


Looking south from the Wolf's Point at the fork in the Chicago River.  It's November 17th. The water taxis and the tour boats are still cruising.  Temperatures hit 75F today, but light snow is forecast for Sunday.  

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On the right, sits the vacant hi-rise office building locate at 150 North Riverside, just south of Lake Street on the west bank of the Chicago River.  No lights yet, but I expect we will see some shortly in this Goettsch Partners designed project.  It sits above the Amtrak railroad tracks leading to Union Station. 


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It's never to early to celebrate Christmas and the holidays, unless, of course, you are Victoria Boros Liccione, who becomes distressed when merchants begin to display their holiday wares in November before Thanksgiving.




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This photograph was made from the north end of the Franklin Street bridge, which is just west of the Merchandise Mart at about 5:00PM.  It depicts a classic view of the Chicago River, looking east.  Visible are Marina City,


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This gentlemen should have ordered a Venti Triple Shot Expresso when he visited the Starbucks on Lake Street under the El tracks in Chicago's Loop.  


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Gone are the boats.  Gone are the leaves.  Gone are the late sunsets.  Today Day Light Savings Time began.  In 48 hours we may know the results of an election that has gone on too long.