All in Donald Trump

Calumny of Apelles

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I couldn't resist a snapshot of Sandro Botticielli's The Calumny of Appelles in the Uffizi.  It is a painting for our time.  On the right side of the painting sits King Midas on his thrown.  He is painted with jackass ears.  Two women flank him.  One is Ignorance and the other is Suspicion.  Midas' outstretched hand points to Slander.


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Another photograph for my Age of Trump series.  In Oval Office interview, with Vice President Mike Pence looking on, President Donald J. Trump said, "I don't think Bill did anything wrong. . . . He's a person I know well; he's a good person."




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I thought Spring vacation season was over with, but I was wrong, very wrong.  Packs of 8th graders were everywhere.  They do not make room for other pedestrians.  Ten abreast, they just push forward.