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Taco Tragedy

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The Cubs will not be repeating this year thanks to a powerful LA Dodger team, but that is not the only tragedy befalling Wrigleyville, Cubs fans, and late night drunks at bar time.  News broke in early August that the much beloved Taco Bell at 111 West Addison would be closing, to be replaced with a shiny new 39,755 square foot three-story retail development.


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Sunday afternoon, and this beer bottle is still so nicely balanced on the fire hydrant on Clark Street just a block south of Wrigley Field.  I can only wonder if the person who put it there--presumably late on Saturday night or early Sunday morning--was as equally well-balanced.



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In one sense, a comparison between the aftermath of 9/11 and the Cubs' World Series Victory is inappropriate.  I, however, was in New York City shortly after 9/11.  The level  of intensity I felt from those those around me at Ground Zero is similar to the the level of intensity that Chicogians are experiencing from the World Series victory.  We see sports victory celebrations four or five times a year, but nothing I've ever seen rivals what is going on in Chicago.  This is a big deal.