Air and Water Show

I spent much of the day at the 59th Annual Chicago Air and Water Show.  I take in some of the show every year because it takes place right out my front door, but I am not a fan, particularly from a photographic standpoint.  I enjoy the vintage planes the most, particularly when they are spewing smoke trails.  The large military jets don't impress me, although this year I did watch the Harrier jet, which can move vertically.  

For me, its the people that line the beach that are of greatest interest.  As is true every year, there were lots of colorful characters in various stages of undress.  People sure let it hang out on the beach.  On a hot Sunday afternoon, the air show served as an excuse to pitch an umbrella or tent in the sand.  Couples were there.  Kids were there.  Families were there.  The police were there.  And News Radio 78 was there, offering out six hours of continuous coverage.

Although the excuse was the Air and Water Show, most people seemed to be more focused on the sand, water, people, and food than on the show, although everyone looked up on cue.

Infrastructure Project: Digging a Hole

Taking a Photograph of the Happening

A Woman and a Baby

What's He Taking a Picture Of?


The Rescue (Simulated)

A Towel and Sunglasses Provide Protection Against the Sun

Sitting Together


The Shoreline

Buckingham Fountain

Buckingham Fountain

Alt T Delete

Alt T Delete