Fire & Fury II

Fire & Fury II

Look what’s happening out in the streets
Got a revolution, got to revolution
Hey I’m dancing down the streets
— Jefferson Airplane, Volunteers

Chicago is shrouded in dense ground fog.  It is difficult to identify buildings just two or three blocks down the avenues.  Fog obscures, but it also amplifies colors, which brings a certain clarity to the urban landscape.  There is a mysterious whirl in the air.  

A day when fog is in the air is a perfect one for photography.  Just overexpose the image by one to two stops.  High key atmospherics are the order of the day.

Yesterday, somewhere around 300,000 people demonstrated in Grant Park and the Loop for Women's rights and against Donald J. Trump's administration.  That was 50,000 more than last year.  That crowd skewed female and older, but there were plenty of men, young people, and dogs in attendance.  It is family friendly.  

Another demonstration was scheduled for today.  I headed down to 401 North Wabash at about 12:45PM to photograph that happening.  Somewhere between 500 and 750 demonstrators congregated at the corner of Wabash and Wacker Drive, with the police controlling access to the bridge that crosses the Chicago River to the Trump Tower.  When I arrived, the speeches were already underway.  While the crowd was much smaller than yesterday's, those in attendance made up for the comparatively small turnout with exuberant enthusiasm.  These folks are far to the left of many who participated in yesterday's festivities.  They also skew younger, although some old Lefties were among the assembled.

Those present came from a variety of coalitions and groups.  They were concerned about the potential for nuclear war with North Korea, animal rights, income inequality, LGBT rights, and racial injustice, among other matters.

Based on dress, I suspect some participants are members of the Antifa movement.  While that movement is sometimes tagged as a violent one, everyone participating today was orderly and peaceful, although boisterous in a good natured way.  Apparently these folks can't escape their apparent Midwestern roots.  They honored police blockades as the group proceeded down Michigan Avenue and through the Loop to the Chicago Board of Trade, where there were more speeches.  

Typically, these demonstrations haven't attracted counter-demonstrators.  Today, there were four pretty lame demonstrators on the west side of Wabash.  As hard as I tried to get a good photograph, I never saw all four individuals display their wares at the same time.  Pretty pathetic.  You want to demonstrate?  Then get in formation and unfurl your flags and posters.

While I was overwhelmed by the size of yesterday's crowd, I was glad to see the intensity of the folks who marched today.  I don't hold their more extreme views, but I do take comfort that there  are people in the Age of Trump who are willing to take a strong stand.  The fog did not obscure the clarity of their viewpoint.


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