Reach Out

Reach Out

The Chicago chapter of the Urban Sketchers spend the afternoon at Architectural Artifacts.  I joined them for three delicious hours of photography in this multi-floored space filled with objects from around the world.

My Mask is My Master

Homage to Fritz Lang

Elliot From a Different Era

Kindly Refrain From Entering Her Dreams


The Jester


Nervous Hands

Dear Eloise

Analogue Spooler

Berliner Scholossbrauerei

Report Overflows Immediately

The Metaphysical Alphabet

Be Tidy

The Jeweler

Photographer's Note:  Check your equipment before leaving the house.  My tripod head locked up, making it unusable.  When it happened, I remembered that it happened before, about five years ago.  I haven't used that head until today.  I needed a wrench to unlock the screw.

That put me at a slight disadvantage, but as a photographer, you deal with it by improvising, just like a jazz musician.



Oak Park

Oak Park