A Slight Return
Looking through the bent-backed tulips
To see how the other half live
— Beatles, Glass Onion, from the White Album

Spring brings many new things.  At the Chicago Botanic Garden, it brings tulips and poppies, together with mothers and small children.  

The Garden is a man-made creation trying to simulate the intricate patterns of Holbein carpets and tapestries.  I find it to be an odd place.  If I can ignore all the goings on, the Garden is a pleasant place to spend the day but 210 vision is necessary to achieve tranquility.  The key is to isolate.



Paper Sun

Coloured Rain

A Saucerful of Secrets


How Different We Look Josef Albers

Cuddly Toy


The Serpentine Bridge

Birds of Orange Feathers

Two Lines

Photographer's Notes.  Several of these photographs were made using strobes mounted on a light stand.  The strobe creates nice separation between the subject and the background.  It also improves color saturation.

A Mutt

A Mutt