Suitcase Bass

It was quite appropriate to find a guy playing a bass guitar made out of a suitcase in the same factory where Whoopee cushions were once manufactured.  Today, Dock 6, a collective group of artisans and craftspeople, held their annual open house in their workspace located on Chicago's far westside.  

This gentlemen was demonstrating a variety of instruments made out of unusual materials.  Another standout was the guitar fashioned from tennis rackets.  

The bass sounded quite rich.  Someone suggested putting the amp inside the suitcase, but the player said that building amps into instruments is not a good idea because of vibrations.

Along the way, I discovered a few other notable objects and scenes.

Dock 6

"Right Way-Wrong Way" Pinup

Spinning I

"With You Always"

Hand-crafted Guitar

"Do Shit Right"

Spinning II

Looking for Decay

Looking for Decay

Gold Star

Gold Star