Wonder Maze

Wonder Maze

Well, lift me from the wonder maze
Alienation is the craze
And it’s all gonna happen to you
— Double Life, The Cars, from Candy'O

Summer in the city.  School's out, and the Skateboard Punx are hanging out on Wacker, just east of State Street. There is a constant flow of baby carriages, roller boards, suits (no ties these days), tourists, bikers, and even some locals out for an evening paseo.  People are drinking below on the riverwalk, blotting out the work-day indignities surrounded by rebar and cement, with a little green and the flow of tour boats mixed in to complete Rahm's artifice.  Just watching the river flow, to turn a phrase.

A women yells when a runaway skateboard brushes up against her.  Laughter and a "Fuck You" ring out as dusk descends and the city lights come up.  She could see from afar what they were up to.  Why didn't she plan accordingly--after all she is an adult.

Think you feel as young as you did 40 years ago, back in the day?  Here is proof that you aren't.  The slow passage of time clouds reality.  Those days are gone, and you aren't getting them back despite what your Beatles tell you.  That's why the Skateboard Punx have a hold over you.  Looking into a fun house mirror, only to see the wonder maze that once resided in you and now is swirling in the haze.  Is it wondering in amazement, or a troubled maze that your mind can't escape?  Maybe it is both.

They are in the Wonder Maze, but not the same one you are in.  Yours happens to everyone.  It will happen to them, but not tonight.

Wonder Maze II

Wonder Maze III

Wonder Maze IV

Wonder Maze V

Wonder Maze VI

Wander Maze VII

Wonder Maze VIII

Wonder Maze IX

Wonder Maze X

Since you’re gone
The nights are gettin’ strange
— Since You're Gone, The Cars, from Shake It up

Photographer's Notes.  Nine of the ten images were created in Photoshop, using layers, opacity adjustments, the free transform tool, and blur filters.  The other was created using a DxO plug-in that creates similar effects.  Can you tell which one is the exception?

By the way, I did not use the blurs and compositing to cover up out-of-focus shots.  I was using Sony A7Riii's auto tracking with the high speed motor function.  It worked surprisingly well.

And the critical question:  Do you think the skateboarders would like these photographs?  I bet they would, but I suspect they would prefer more contrast and higher saturation than the Wonder Maze look.




Back Alley Jazz

Back Alley Jazz