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Calumny of Apelles

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I couldn't resist a snapshot of Sandro Botticielli's The Calumny of Appelles in the Uffizi.  It is a painting for our time.  On the right side of the painting sits King Midas on his thrown.  He is painted with jackass ears.  Two women flank him.  One is Ignorance and the other is Suspicion.  Midas' outstretched hand points to Slander.

Paris Cemeteries

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Cemeteries are for the living.  And Paris cemeteries are for photographers.  My favorite is Père Lachaise, a 110-acre park located in the 20th arrondissement.  Its rolling terrain is filled with 70,000 burial plots, holding the famous and not-so-famous.

Hey Gene, Is It Loaded?

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Suddenly, out of nowhere, I see former KISS co-founder, Gene Simmons, strutting down the street dressed in black and wearing model studded boots.  All that security is not for him, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying the stage as he struts his celebrity.  New York's finest are enjoying the spectacle, as Simmons poses for photos with dozens of cops.  

Erasmus Bridge Spanning the Nieuwe Maas

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I am in a modern hotel room on the 23rd floor (top) of the Nhow Hotel that occupies one of the three buildings comprising the Rem Koolhass' Rotterdam complex.  We overlook the Erasmus bridge in this thoroughly modern city. The bridge, designed by Ben van Berkel, was completed in 1996.  Known as the "Swan," it is a cable-style bridge, with an asymmetric blue pylon anchoring the cables.  A tram line runs down the center of the bridge, with automobile and bicycle traffic also supported.


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A bicyclist ends the day watching the river flow from the boardwalk running along the Potomac River in Georgetown.  Rosslyn, Virginia is lit by the setting sun.  It doesn't get much better than this.