Friday on my mind, well the folks on the riverwalk certainly had Friday on their minds as the blinding sun lit the scene on the first day of a four-day Fourth of July weekend.  The air had a decisive chill about it.

The riverwalk is a hit, as the congregation of beautiful people demonstrates.  Even the DB Jr. could be seen with his arm around an attractive young lady--"Be with his girl, she is so pretty."  "Friday he is in love."  Friday is the cure for all the week's ills.

Ah, but aren't these the same people I see driving Land Rovers around town.  Must be, take a look at the boats that have docked.  All it takes is three boats to block everyone's view.

For those looking for a bite to eat, there is the Tiny Hatt, specializing in barbecue, Frost Gelato, City Winery, Cyrano's Cafe and Wine Bar (east of Michigan Avenue), O'Brien's, and the Island Party Hut (east of Michigan Avenue). And before you eat, you can catch the River Taxi for an inexpensive ride on the river, or you rent a kayak.  Best not to swim in the river.  It ain't there yet.

Next summer these folks will move further west with the completion of the last three blocks of the river walk, which are now under construction.  You can see the tip of the last segment in the second image, together with the glass structures that are nearing completion on the west bank of the river above the Amtrak tracks.

Both photographs were captured with an Arca-Swiss RM3di technical camera, a Schneider Kreuznach Digitar 5.6, 72mm copal lens, and a Leaf Credo 50mp digital medium format back.  The second photograph is a composite of four photographs stitched together.  The first photograph was exposed at 1/250th of a second with the aperture set to F8.  The second was exposed at 1/125th of a second with the aperture set to F11.  Both images were captured at ISO 100.

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