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The afternoon light was magnificent.  The shadows finally came out after almost 10 days of unrelenting gray and white skies, with lots of fog and rain.  What can you say?  It's a geometric progression on the Chicago River.  Simple, but powerful.


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The Chicago Theatre is one of the most photographed buildings in Chicago, but most of the photographs feature the vertical script that spells out Chicago on the 6-story sign attached to the building.  Built in 1921, the theatre was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. What many photographers miss is the archway above the marquee, with its elaborate carvings.


"What a lonesome feeling when you are by yourself."  This well-dressed gentleman was certainly by himself tonight, playing very softly while many people passed by on Chicago's river walk, paying no attention to him.


Ah, but aren't these the same people I see driving Land Rovers around town.  Must be, take a look at the boats that have docked.  All it takes is three boats to block everyone's view.  Baby, you're a rich man.