Playin' Hooky
Sun is shining, the weather is sweet
Make you want to move your dancing feet
To the rescue, here I am
— Sun is Shining, Bob Marley from Kaya (1978)

I had a noon appointment for a teeth cleaning. My dentist’s office is located at the corner of Randolph and Michigan, which meant I was across the street from Millennium Park. After all the scrapping, flossing, and buffing, I headed over to the park to see what was happening. It was readily apparent that everyone in the city was playing hooky. Couples were on the grass nuzzling, kids were running through the Crown Fountain, liquor was flowing on party boats, and lots of folks were just strolling along the lake path.

Is it all surprising that Chicago checked out early today? Nope. Trump, the House, and the Senate are on prolonged August vacations—something to be thankful for. We’ve all gone through an incredibly depressing week: two massacres, non-stop media coverage of those massacres; Trump’s ego continuing to explode; the stock market hitting what could be a months- or years-long rough patch; and the EPA deciding that it is OK to use cyanide bombs to eliminate predators such as foxes, wolves, and other wild creatures. And who knows when war will break out with Iran or North Korea, or whether Putin had a major nuclear mishap? On top of all that, the calendar now reads August rather than June. Thoughts of another long winter are already coming to mind.

Yes, Chicago put all that aside today, and probably will do the same tomorrow. We’ve had an amazing run of fantastic weather. For the last 25 or so days, we’ve had blue skies and high temperatures. Not too much humidity. Pop open a beer, nuzzle nuzzle, and lose your shoes.

Nobody in the Window I

Nobody in the Window II

The Crown Fountain I

The Crown Fountain II

Already Filling Up for an Evening Concert

Joined Together


The John G. Shedd Acquarium

On to the Next Spot

Marx Brothers

Marx Brothers