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My hands are warm, then they get cold, then they burn, and then it's not so bad.  Winter in Chicago.  Headed north today along the lakefront.  The sky was bright, thin blue.  By the time I headed back about 90 minutes later the sky had already clouded over.  Snow is forecast for the early evening hours.  


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No point in watching all the pre-game nonsense, particularly when it is 32F or thereabouts in February.  Out I went.  Managed to get down to the Art Institute to see a terrific exhibit of Japanese photography from the Sixties entitled "Provoke"


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I was interested in the fog, so I headed north, took the underpass to North Avenue Beach, and then headed south.  From that vantage point, Chicago was socked in.  A great day for two friends to take a walk, discussing whatever was on their minds.


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Gone are the boats.  Gone are the leaves.  Gone are the late sunsets.  Today Day Light Savings Time began.  In 48 hours we may know the results of an election that has gone on too long.


Hot summer day.  Imagine wasting money hiring a plane to fly an anti-abortion banner over the beach on such a beautiful day?  Somebody did, and I suspect nobody paid much attention.  It didn't matter whether they were pro or con.  Hot summer day.