Two days in New York, and one 120mm lens.  That was the right lens this past weekend.  Although there were short spells of blue skies, for the most part, the sky was white or middle gray.  None of my landscape shots worked, which I knew would be the case, but when I am there, I gotta try anyway.  Close ups were the order of the day.

On Saturday, I took the 34th Street Ferry down the East River to Dumbo.  Next time I am going to take that ride at twilight.  After walking around Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights, I headed across the Brooklyn Bridge--the Manhattan Bridge is my new favorite.  Love that blue steel.  It was then up through Tribeca and Soho.  

Sunday, I was out at about 11:00AM.  First stop, B&H Photo, and then over to Hudson Yards, followed by a walk over and under the High Line.  Headed over to Jane Street, where I made a quick stop at the New York outpost of Aux Merveilleaux De Fred.  It isn't the same as the Paris shops, which are much larger and have better looking and attentive staff, but a meringue is a meringue.  

Then over to Washington Square Park, where two terrific jazz groups were playing, as well as an open hootenanny that was populated by people who clearly were in the Village in the Sixties--at least they looked the part.  Then I headed over to the Bowery, and then to Chinatown.   The Express Q got me back to CPS in about 10 minutes.

New York seemed more crowded than ever.  Particularly notable were the fashion photographer wannabees, out with their girlfriends or whoever else they could cajole into posing.  Tough business to break into.  One guy was photographing a very pregnant model.  Based on the clothes and equipment, I suspect that the resulting photographs were for his portfolio.  It was clearly a case that required quick work, because she was about to burst any minute.  

Had a very nice chat with one photographer on Seventh Avenue across the street from the Village Vanguard.  He recognized me from the High Line, and wanted to talk about the Fuji.  Turns out he does work for Barneys.   I also enjoyed the  brief moment photographing Willie the Dog, who would not pose to his owner's satisfaction.

No anti-Trump marches this weekend, but there were clear signs that Trump is out of favor in NYC.

Out for a Walk on the Sabbath

Gentrification at the Foot of the Brooklyn Bridge


The Manhattan Bridge as Seen From Dumbo

Starbucks in Tribecca

The Star Attraction in Tribeca

Blowing in Washington Square Park at 4PM on Satu

Ice Coffee and Bass in Washington Square Park

Abstraction by the late Zaha Hadid on the High Line

Windows in a Window

Ramen Sushi

Siddharta on the High Line

Farhallah Saad

Singing the Temptations' Ain't Too Proud to Beg


The Eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Watching the South End of the High Line

Watch Out the World is Behind You

Jason Innocent 2014

"Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man, Play a Song for Me"  Homage to the late Bruce Langhorne

"She Loves You, Yeah Yeah Yeah"

Blowin' Sunday Away in Washington Square Park

Next to the Lamppost 

V Formation

Elvis in the Bowery


"When They Go Low, We Go High"  Michelle Obama

Grunge Will Overthrown Trump

"Willie, Look at Me"

Home Sweet Home